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The IDIH project is still under construction. If you want to join as an author or as an consultant, please contact us!


[edit] General Editors

Having been involved in the IDIH project from the beginning, Ulrich Johannes Schneider (Leipzig, Germany) and Donald R. Kelley (New Brunswick, USA) are currently acting as general editors.

[edit] Editorial Staff

With proper funding, the IDIH project would have an editorial staff including an editor, a researcher, a communications officer and a person for technical support. In previous stages of the project preparation, vital suport was given by Matthew DeCoursey (Hong Kong, China) as editor and Helge Miethe (Hildesheim, Germany) as researcher. Technical support was provided by Adrian Stäcker (Wolfenbuettel, Germany) and Frank Fischer (Leipzig, Germany).

[edit] Scientific Advisory Committee

Several distinguished scholars are supporting the IDIH project as members of the Scientific Advisory Committee:

  • Constance Blackwell (London, England)
  • Stephen Gaukroger (Sydney, Australia)
  • Sandro Rogari (Florence, Italy)
  • Naoki Sakai (Ithaca, USA)
  • Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer (Wolfenbuettel, Germany)

[edit] Board of Consultants

Scholars from all over the world support the IDIH project with their expertise. They form the board of consultants:

  • Warren Breckman (Philadelphia, USA): history of political thought
  • Derya Gurses Tarbuck (Mersin, Turkey): history of ideas
  • Courtney Crisp (Stanford, USA): history of ideas
  • Vladimir Malachov (Moscow, Russia): history of philosophy
  • Heikki Mikkeli (Helsinki, Finland): history of science
  • Edoardo Tortarolo (Turin, Italy): history of ideas; history of historiography
  • Markus Völkel (Rostock, Germany): history of historiography

    If you want to join this board, please contact us!
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